December 17, 2015 | 6:37 pm

Team: Mitchell Karchemsky, Will Porter, Simon Scott, Yi Tong

Course: Interactive Device Design, fall 2015

IMG_2260Helios is a real-time body-cam and sensor package aimed at improving firefighters’ safety. Designed to be worn on firefighters’ uniforms, the device can stream information back to the incident commander — allowing her to check on the status and position of any firefighter with just one tap. If a dangerous situation like a gas leak or low air supply occurs, the smart sensor system automatically notifies the incident commander.

In designing Helios, the team was motivated by the frequency with which a lack of good communication and organization is cited as a top issue in after-action reports by firefighting units. Their device works by incorporating multiple sensors, through a custom printed circuit board, which communicate with a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. High-definition video, thermal imaging and telemetry are transmitted to a web application via wifi, improving real-time communications in highly dangerous situations.




Topics: Internet of Things, Safety