December 18, 2020 | 12:15 pm

Students: Nseke Ngilbus, Evelyn Pan, Vincent Tantra 

Course: DES INV 21, Visual Communication and Sketching

Halo is an AR running app that is geared towards the athlete in all of us. The app allows a runner to connect their phone via Bluetooth to stadium lights, which then beam down onto the track to represent the individual’s previous record time on their phone. The beam moves around the track at the same speed as your previous pace, which simulates your past self and allows you to race against your own progress.

With social distancing practices in order due to COVID-19, the Halo team was inspired to create an app for runners that lets the user train in a more active, competitive way–an element to training that is lost when a runner practices solo. Users can compete against their own time, as well as upload their friends’ times and even the times of famous athletes. Halo turns ordinary track running into a competition, regardless of who is competing!