students demonstrate project wearing clothing items with plants growing on them


May 17, 2017 | 12:53 pm

Project team: Ziqi Chen, Chengcheng Huang, Carlo Liquido, Shail Shah, Mike Singer

Course: Critical Making, spring 2017

Farm-to-Label takes a speculative approach to “taking fashion back to its roots.” Considering the negative impact of rapidly discarded “fast fashion” on environmental and labor issues, the project team proposed creating a compelling alternative to fast fashion by helping build intimate relationships between owner and clothing.

The “Farm-to-Label” kit allows users to cultivate clothing, creating living ecosystems on their garments. As they nurture their “living clothes” and watch them grow, they become more attached to their clothing. Biodegradable, eco-friendly patches allow them to try out new styles, keeping up with trends while maintaining their garments. The kit involves a one-week growing time, encouraging mindfulness, and uses sprouts and plants that can prompt particular feelings via smell and sight.

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Topics: Materials, Speculative design, Sustainability, Wearables