Dear Jacky

May 16, 2016 | 9:32 am

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.08.15 PMProject team: Jasper Louie, Akshay Jagadeesh, Claire Lee, Kyle Hotchkiss, Yanrong Li

Course: User Interface Design, spring 2016

Dear Jacky is a mood-tracking application that enables you to record your emotions, reflect on your entries, and receive a personalized response to help you address your emotions. Throughout your day, Jacky will check in to see how you’re doing; you can record the emotion you are feeling, as well as the intensity and cause of that emotion. Later on, you have the ability to look at your previous entries on a daily and monthly scale, and reflect on trends in your mood and behaviors. Using Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, Jacky will offer you a personalized response designed to provide you with quick access to the activities and people that make you happy.

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Topics: Apps, Health