view of syringe and 3D printed component

Auto Syringe

June 1, 2017 | 5:17 pm

Project team: David Hopkins, Éadaoin McDermott

Course: Processing of Materials in Manufacturing, spring 2017

Standard syringes can be unreliable: accurate measurements require significant focus, and human error is common. The team behind Auto Syringe aimed to provide greater precision and functionality for larger syringes by making a clip-on attachment that digitally displays a volume value for the syringe. This allows more precise measurements for any value the syringe can provide. The attachment also enables multiple precise measurements to be made with one filling of a syringe, since the display can be calibrated over and over — facilitating faster, more accurate processes for users. As part of the course, the team analyzed potential markets, materials, and manufacturing processes for this attachment.

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Topics: 3D printing, Health, Manufacturing