December 23, 2015 | 3:31 pm

Project team: Preet Gill, Max Morrison, Grace Vasiknanonte, Katie Zheng

Course: Design of Cyber Physical Systems, fall 2015

QK4A0234aSYST-ME eB (Automated System for Managing Energy for E-Bike) is an example of a cyber physical system — comprising a cyber layer and physical layer that send data back and forth — designed for use with electric bicycles. The system guides the user to more efficiently balance pedal power with electric power, preserving comfort as well as battery charge.

First, a website allows the user to select an origin and destination, and back-end code calculates an optimal energy use pattern along this route. This energy plan is then saved to an SD card and inserted into a bike-mounted Arduino. The Arduino compares real-time data collected from the bike to the energy plan and actuates LEDs to indicate to the user their performance relative to the plan.

Topics: Sustainability