May 26, 2020 | 10:41 am

Team: Sophia DeMornay-O’Neal, Ella Lawton, Kelly Cheah, Maria Xiao

Course: Art 100, TDPS 100, UGBA 190C- STD 001: Collaborative Innovation

artinCOVID is an Instagram account open to art submissions across the world, that responds to people’s experiences in the COVID-19 pandemic. Fueled by the desire to foster community during a time of crisis and isolation, the artist-run team behind artinCOVID created the account after extensive research on the benefits of art therapy.

To begin, the team’s initial prototype included sharing their own content first, then assigning roles of marketing, outreach, and graphic design—using blue and white colors in their logo for a calming effect and uniformity. They also reached out to local artists and accounts featuring posts with quarantine and COVID-19 hashtags to accumulate interest. What sets the project apart is the attention to the creator of the artwork, as the team features a photo and a statement of the artist behind the work.

The artinCOVID team has received dozens of submissions from countries all over the world, and grown to over 500 followers in a matter of weeks. The Instagram account has received supportive comments on their posts and amassed followings such as the Jacobs Design Institute, the Oakland Cultural Center, and other art foundations by fostering this safe space for artists. To further extend its platform, the team is conducting research for possible educational partnerships with potential funding. They are also considering the limitations of their project once the pandemic comes to an end, but believe that the success of the platform indicates a widespread need for expression and unity, and plan to develop an updated use for the account in the future.

Follow along and submit at @artincovd!