Jacobs Hall

Spring workshops at Jacobs Hall

January 12, 2018 | 11:32 am

Want to boost your skills or try out an entirely new project? Two workshop series — free and open to all Maker Pass holders — might be just what you’re looking for.


New this spring, Toolbox workshops allow you to dive into a creative project alongside one of our expert design specialists. In these longer-form workshops, you’ll explore new tools and processes in depth as you bring your ideas to life. Browse the offerings below, and register for Toolbox workshops here.

Prototyping with Chocolate

2/5 & 2/12, 4pm-6pm (2-day workshop) | Mary Catherine Richardson

Learn to create successful Type A 3D prints and turn them into chocolate — that’s right, chocolate — using simple vac-u-form mold techniques. This scrumptious workshop will include lessons on basic 3D modeling, how to incorporate the vac-u-form machine into future projects, and more.

CNC + Table Saw Plywood Furniture Making

2/10, 2/24, & 3/10, 4pm-6pm (3-day workshop) | Matt Wolpe

Get acquainted with the two workhorses of the Jacobs wood shop: the CNC and the table saw. After learning skills in Fusion 360, woodworking, and more you’ll leave with a three-legged stool you designed and built yourself.

Balloon Fighting League

3/2 & 3/16, 5pm-8pm (2-day workshop) | Gary Gin

Can’t wait for the next BattleBots? Can’t get registered for RoboGames?  Join the Balloon Fighting League and build a radio controlled robot that tries to pop balloons mounted to your opponent’s robot. Learn about radio control, servos, electronic speed controllers and mechanical linkages.

Pillow Talk

3/10, 12pm-3pm (1-day workshop) | Mary Catherine Richardson

Learn basic laser cutting processes to generate patterns for fabric construction, then use a sewing machine to bring your patterns to life. You’ll leave with a pillow that’s been customized through design and post-construction processes like embroidery or applique.

Laser Engraving for Valentine’s Day Gifts

1/29 & 2/5, 6pm-8pm (2-day workshop) | Kent Wilson

Photoshop and laser engraving beginners: learn easy ways to laser engrave photos in hands-on, creative work sessions. You’ll leave with new skills and with a cutout photo engraved on material like wood, ready to keep or to give to someone special — just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t already completed it, this workshop will count toward your required Jacobs Hall hands-on laser cutter training.

Bleeps and Bloops

1/26 & 2/2, 4pm-7pm (2-day workshop)| Chris Parsell

Explore how analog synthesizers twist electricity into sound, delving into the art and science of signal processing in electronic musical instruments. Whether you’re interested in designing your own guitar pedals, synthesizer, or learning about electronics, this will be a fun introduction to the ideas in common.

Students and staff in workshop


Boost your skills through the Tips and Tricks series: a lineup of short, peer-led workshops, brought to you by Jacobs Hall’s advanced prototypers. Check out the workshop listings below, and register for a Tips and Tricks workshop here.

Getting Critical and Creative with CAM Simulations

1/30 & 3/6, 6pm-8pm (2 separate workshop offerings) | Anoushka Giri

The ShopBot creates amazing engravings, furniture, and even sculptures — and it all begins with CAM software. Join this workshop for an intro to CAM: you’ll learn tricks for your next project, see a ShopBot demo, and even take home a piece of art.

Learn Fusion 360 and how to CAD Using Design Thinking

2/3 & 3/3, 1pm-2:30pm (2 separate workshops) | Menglong Guo

This workshop starts by teaching a complete novice how to use the free CAD program of Fusion 360. The second half of the class is focused on how to use CAD to think through a design. While pen and paper is the sketchpad for ideas, a CAD program is the sketchpad for actual prototypes. A portion of the workshop will be dedicated to exercises and games with prizes. Please bring a laptop with Fusion 360 downloaded (it’s free!) and a mouse. No prior experience is needed and all levels are welcome!

Beyond General Workshop Safety

3/14 & 3/28, 6:30pm-8:30pm (2 separate workshops) | Russell Gray

Learn how to use some of the most popular Jacobs workshop tools like a pro. In this hands-on workshop targeted for beginning makers, you’ll learn by doing, working on a small project that you can take home with you as you gain basic skills like woodworking and soldering.