All-Purpose Makerspaces

July 25, 2016 | 4:59 pm

The all-purpose makerspaces in studios 110 and 120 contain laser-cutters, basic 3D printers, hand tools, and more.

Rooms 110 and 110C

Type A Series 1 Pro 3D printers (9)

Our entry-level 3D printers feature a 12 x 12 x 12 inch print area with a heated bed and use corn-based PLA filament that is available in a variety of colors. Type A 3D printers

3D printed projects    3D printed projects    3D printed project    3D printed project

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Ultimaker 3 and 3 Extended (6)

LulzBot TAZ 6 with 1.2 mm nozzle

LulzBot 3D printer

Universal Systems laser-cutters, 32 x 18 in (3)

Plywood, acrylic, and similar materials can be cut with our single-beam laser-cutters. For larger projects, use our dual laser-cutter in room 120. Laser cutter Laser cutter

Laser cut project    Laser cut project    Laser cut project    Laser cut project

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FabLight Lasercutter

Juki industrial sewing machine (1) and Juki industrial serger (1)

Sewing machine Sewing machine

Spray painting booth with fume hood

Spray painting booth

Hand tools

hand tools in drawer hand tools in drawers

Roland CAMM-1 GX-24 vinyl cutter

vinyl cutter

Rooms 120 and 120C

Experimental 3D printers (2)


Universal Systems laser-cutter, 48 x 25 in

Laser cutter

4’ x 8’ ShopBot PRSalpha CNC Router

CNC router

Othermill CNC mills (2)

CNC mill



DIWire wire bender

DIWire wire bender

Scroll saw

Scroll saw

Other power tools: drill, Foredom rotary hand tool, jigsaw, staple gun, orbital sander

Power tools on shelves Power tools on shelves

Wood fabrication equipment: SawStop 10” Table Saw, Laguna 18 3000 series Vertical Band Saw, 10” Disk Sander, BOSCH Sliding Compound Miter Saw, JET J-2221VS 20″ Variable Speed Drill Press

Wood fabrication Wood fabrication Wood fabrication