We’re hiring!

May 23, 2018 | 10:08 am

The Jacobs Institute is currently hiring for two open positions:

Communications & Programs Officer

The Jacobs Institute Communications & Programs Officer has key responsibilities in events, marketing and communications, and program development and coordination. The role involves activities associated with reaching, serving, and engaging both external and internal constituencies through programs, events, products, and services.  Constituencies include students, faculty, alumni, local community, government, and parents, as well as the general public.

Learn more and apply by searching for job #25044 at jobs.berkeley.edu.

Design Specialist

The Design Specialist team is made up of an eclectic group of artists, engineers, and educators. Each specialist has an area of expertise (electronics, 3D printing, carpentry, CAD/CAM, metal working) but cross-training and team collaboration are expected. As we enter our third year at UCB, we have a well-established operations system for training new users on a wide variety of rapid prototyping equipment, but are always expanding, and offering new workshops. This position is primarily responsible for mentorship of the students who use our space, but could also be tasked with creating new content that incorporates cutting-edge technologies and processes. We consider a healthy shop culture a high priority, and emphasize the role the technical team has in the creation of that environment.

Learn more and apply by searching for job #25042 at jobs.berkeley.edu.