Wall Panel Design Competition

March 6, 2015 | 8:28 pm

Through a fast-paced concept competition, UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff were given the opportunity to contribute to the design of custom wooden panels to be featured on walls and ceilings in Jacobs Hall. The two-week competition resulted in nearly 25 submissions, coming from a broad range of disciplines, from mechanical engineering and architecture to art practice and chemistry.

The three submissions shown below have been selected for further development, in consultation with a team of professional architectures, builders and staff at the Jacobs Institute. These three designers have received fellowships to the CITRIS Invention Lab and are working with our staff and to produce physical prototype panels on our CNC router. A final design will be selected and developed over the upcoming weeks, and the resulting panels will be installed in Jacobs Hall during summer 2015.

Early architect’s rendering of wall panels in Jacobs Hall

“Hands as the tools of design” concept by Landscape Architecture graduate student Anna Thompson

“Infinity” concept by 4th year Architecture undergraduate Khoa Vu

“Isometric Art” concept by EECS staff Matej Jan