Meet the Summer 2021 Berkeley Engineering Design Scholars

June 10, 2021 | 3:17 pm

We are pleased to announce that the Berkeley Engineering Design Scholars program has officially started. This summer, eight stellar Design Scholars will conduct engineering design research, guided by faculty and graduate student mentors. Over the summer, they will develop their design skills through program seminars and activities. 

Learn more about the cohort here and mark your calendar for the Jacobs Summer Design Showcase on August 13th, at which the Scholars will present the results of their summer work. Sign up to learn more about the program and next summer’s application information. 

Resham Khanna Philippa Steinberg
Ankita Morari
Sustainable Environmental
Design 2023
Nseke Ngilbus
American Studies
Resham Khanna
Cognitive Science and
Psychology 2022
Philippa Steinberg
Molecular Cell Biology and Data
Science 2023
Keilani Adachi Xinyun Cao
Keilani Adachi
Mechanical Engineering
Imran Sekalala
Data Science
Xinyun Cao
Computer Science and Cognitive
Science 2022
Rajavi Mishra
Computer Science and Business
Administration 2022