Jacobs Hall Workshops Fall 2022

September 6, 2022 | 5:01 pm

The Jacobs Institute facilitates a number of workshops throughout the semester, hosted by participating clubs, MDes students, Design Fellows, and our Makerspace staff. Workshops are a great way to become acquainted with a new skill, learn more about the resources and materials available at Jacobs, and connect with our community! Learn more about what’s being offered this semester below. Workshop titles and descriptions are usually released in the first week of the semester. If you have an idea for a workshop you’d like to see, please email Adam at adamhutz@berkeley.edu.

Access: Virtual workshops are open to all members of the UC Berkeley community, regardless of Maker Pass status. In-person workshops that use Jacobs Makerspace facilities or equipment are reserved for current Maker Pass holders.


Sign up for the Makerspace Workshops below at reserve.jacobshall.org!

Date Workshop Details
11 – 12
Jacobs 234
with DT Nicole
How to Choose a Fabrication Method
Lulzbot 3D printer with sample prints
In this workshop, we will go over how to choose a fabrication method for the project you have at hand! This is a great general overview of the tools we have here at Jacobs.

Topics: 3D printing, laser cutting, wood fabrication, metal fabrication, etc.

12:30 – 2
Jacobs 120
with DS Adam
Arduino: The Ins and Outs

An Arduino microcontroller and a breadboard on a white background from above

Arduino microcontrollers changed the game for physical computing, and lowered the barriers to entry for the creation of functional input-output systems. Whether you’ve heard of Arduino and have just never had the chance to try it, or would like to learn a little about electronics to improve your prototyping game, this workshop will show you what microcontrollers can do for you. Using the Smraza starter kit, we’ll build an environmental monitoring system for plants, a hands-free lightswitch operator, and a programmable timer with button inputs. Kits for the workshop can be purchased from the Jacobs Store, or borrowed for the length of the workshop and returned at no cost (up to our inventory of six). If you are waitlisted but would still like to attend, you can purchase your own kit from the link above, and join in that way.
Time TBD
Jacobs 120
with SS Esme and DS Adam
Devilish Decorations: A Ghastly Lifecasting Primer
A series of plastic fingers and hands sit upright on a white table
In this Halloween-themed workshop, SS Esme and DS Adam will show you the basics of lifecasting, allowing you to reproduce fingers and hands as unsettling accoutrements for your goulish attire or spooky abode. All you need to bring are your eyes and ears… still attached, of course!
2 – 5 PM
Jacobs 120
with DS Adam
Take a Seat!
Two stools, one assembled, and one broken into pieces
In this workshop we’ll create a simple stool in Fusion 360, and then cut it out on the Shopbot. After joining for this session, you’ll have the skills to furnish the rest of your living situation–at least with small stools. Need a seat but don’t have one? Register for Take a Seat!


No current workshops scheduled. Check back soon!


No current workshops scheduled. Check back soon!


No current workshops scheduled. Check back soon!