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Halloween Makers’ Contest at Jacobs Hall

September 29, 2016 | 5:24 pm

Note: This post is about Jacobs events for Halloween 2016. For information about Halloween 2018 events, go here.

With autumn upon us, the Jacobs Institute is hosting a Halloween Makers’ Contest, open to everyone with a fall 2016 Maker Pass. In keeping with our belief in hands-on experimentation, this contest is a chance for students to explore new design practices and tools, from the sewing machines to the vacuum former. It’s also an opportunity to bring novel ideas — whether silly, sophisticated, or spooky — into the Jacobs Institute’s environment, prompting learning and skill-sharing through spirited creation.

About the Contest

Use your Maker Pass to create your Halloween costumes, props, and decorations — then win bragging rights and prizes for your DIY creations on October 31st. Everyone with a fall 2016 Maker Pass is eligible to join the competition.

Contest rules

  • Both costumes and props/decorations are welcome.
  • Submissions must be made, at least in part, with Jacobs Hall or CITRIS Invention Lab fabrication equipment.
  • No functional or realistic weapons.



  • The contest and party will be held on October 31st, 12-1pm, in 310 Jacobs Hall (everyone is welcome to come to the party; RSVP here). Winners will be determined by audience approval, so make your submissions as creatively frightening and frighteningly creative as possible!
  • If you can’t come to the event but still want to participate, email your contest submission(s) to jacobsinstitute@berkeley.edu, with the subject heading “Halloween Makers’ Contest,” by October 30th at 11:59pm. Include a photo or video of your submission and one paragraph about how you made it at Jacobs Hall and/or the CITRIS Invention Lab.

Get started

Questions? Contact Amy Dinh, Student Services Advisor.