October 19, 2020 | 11:18 am

No matter where you are this October 31st, you can join the Jacobs community in celebrating Halloween! To get into the spirit, join us at the following virtual maker events, which are free and open to all members of our general community.


All members of the Berkeley community have access to Makerfleet, which allows you to print from the Ultimaker 3D printers in Jacobs Hall. The only cost for using Makerfleet is the materials, but in the spirit of Halloween, we are offering $20 of free materials credit per student to use on Makerfleet between now and October 31st

All you have to do is join Makerfleet and include the word “Halloween” in the name of your design file. Up to $20 in materials costs will be deducted from your end-of-semester materials bill.


The Jacobs makerspace team has been offering weekly free workshops for the Jacobs community on a variety of topics from Fusion 360 to Arduino. For the next two weeks, some of these workshops will take on a spooky focus. Join our design specialists at the following specially themed workshops to learn tips and tricks for your Halloween costume and prop making; full event details are listed on the Virtual Workshops website.

  • October 21st: Processing Human Skulls with Chris (special edition of Generative Art in Processing)
  • October 22nd: Living Jack-O-Lantern with Adam (special edition of Arduino Weekly Build)
  • October 26th: Draw a Ghost! with Cody (special edition of Intro to Rhino)


We’re holding our annual Makers’ Contest on Instagram this year! All members of the Berkeley community are invited to participate. Any costumes, props, and decorations that you have made for Halloween or Día de los Muertos are welcome, though functional/realistic weapons are not. Submit your DIY creations by doing the following anytime from Wednesday, October 28th through Sunday, November 1st:

  • Making an Instagram post with photos and/or video of your creation. 
  • In your post’s caption, describe what you made and how you made it. 
  • Tag @jacobsdesigncal on your post and include the hashtag #jacobshalloween.

We’ll reshare contest submissions to our Instagram Stories as we receive them. On Monday, November 2nd, we’ll hold a popular vote to determine the winner of the contest; the submission that gets the most votes by the end of Monday will receive a Jacobs-branded t-shirt, moleskin notebook, and pen set.


  • In addition to the events outlined above, you can also get one-on-one advice from the Jacobs Design Specialists at their virtual office hours.
  • The Moffitt Makerspace’s weekly workshops have also taken on a Halloween theme for the month of October, including Sugar Skull Embroidery and Halloween Plushies. Learn more at their events calendar and corresponding online resources.
  • In addition to Makerfleet, you can also take advantage of the CITRIS Invention Lab’s SnapFab program for your remote fabrication needs. 
  • Look online for inspiration; Instructables and Make: Magazine are two good starting points for finding DIY instructions, ready-to-print CAD files, and more.

If you have other questions or would like to host your own Halloween-themed events for the Jacobs community, please contact Amy Dinh, student services & programs manager.