Fall Workshops at Jacobs Hall

September 20, 2018 | 11:32 am

The fall semester is off to a busy start at the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation. In addition to our courses and talk series, we’re excited to expand upon our popular workshops, which give students hands-on opportunities to develop new skills and learn more about the Institute’s resources. Our past workshops have included everything from chocolate prototypes to laser cut Valentines and our upcoming programs promise to be just as exciting. In the coming months, students can explore the fabrication tools at Jacobs Hall, develop their own custom graphics and apps, and learn what it means to think like a designer. We’re always adding to our lineup, so keep your eyes on this page for future updates!

September 19 Visual Design Hacking Workshop

September 26 Voice Applications: How to Build Apps for Smart Speakers

October 10 Designing Your First Portfolio, Part 1

October 24 Designing Your First Portfolio, Part 2

October 24 Design Ideation: From Brainstorming to Concept Generation

October 26 PiE on the Road (Robotics Kit Workshop)

October 28 Battlebots and CAD with Robobears

November 14 CAD with SolidWorks

November 16 SketchUp Design Workshop

November 16 3D Modeling with Blender

November 28 Circuit Design and KiCAD with CalSol

In addition to these workshops, our ongoing Tips and Tricks series provides in-depth introductions to the equipment and expertise available to students at Jacobs Hall, including laser cutting, 3D printing, and digital modeling. You can see our current schedule and RSVP for these workshops here.

Questions? Contact us at jacobsinstitute@berkeley.edu.