Intellectual Property FAQ

January 28, 2016 | 12:13 pm

Use of Jacobs Hall and equipment is intended to support coursework, personal learning and open research. As a public institution, Jacobs Hall and equipment may not be used for commercial or non-academic purposes without a separate agreement with the Jacobs Institute.

Who can use Jacobs Hall?

Visit the Maker Pass page for eligibility details.

I am a student enrolled in a course held in Jacobs Hall. Do I own my coursework that requires use of Jacobs Hall and equipment?

Yes, students retain ownership of any coursework created to complete requirements of a class.

I am a student and would like to work on a personal, non-commercial project in Jacobs Hall that is not related to a course. Do I retain ownership of the intellectual property?

Yes, students own their work that is made using Jacobs Hall resources in accordance of Jacobs Hall policy. Non-commercial, open research, experimentation and personal projects that support a student’s learning outside of a course are allowed and encouraged.

I am a GSI. Is my work in Jacobs Hall and use of Jacobs Hall equipment owned by me or the University?

Student employees of any type (GSI, GSR, work study, student staff) have an obligation to assign work to the University as part of the UC Patent Acknowledgement that was signed during the hiring process.

I believe I may have a patentable invention as a result of my student work. Who should I talk to?

Contact the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) at Officers at the OTL are a great resource to learn more about the patent process and potential paths forward. An invention disclosure form is available at the above link.

I am interested in using Jacobs Hall for commercial purposes. Who should I talk to?

Please contact Gwynne Keathley, Executive Director, at