Reimagining Mobility

May 26, 2017 | 12:57 pm

In Reimagining Mobility, a two-semester sequence of project-based courses, students will envision meaningful interactions between people and different transportation modalities. Looking 10-15 years into the future, they will address elements such as car sharing, public transportation, autonomous driving, and more. The fall course (Reimagining Mobility: Design Exploration and Research) will focus on the early stages of the design process, including problem framing and user research, while the follow-on course in the spring (Reimagining Mobility: Design Development and Delivery) will focus on the latter stages: proposing solutions, prototyping, and storytelling. The course will be taught by an expert design instructor from the Jacobs Institute, with additional feedback from mentors from the Ford Research and Innovation Center. The courses are structured such that students may enroll in both the fall and spring offerings, or only one, as their interests and schedules dictate.

Want to take a look at the course experience? Read about projects that emerged from a recent offering of Reimagining Mobility.

Spring 2018 course info

DES INV 190-1/ME 292B: Reimagining Mobility: Design Development and Delivery

3 units | Wednesdays 4-7pm | 21o Jacobs

This course is open to upper-division undergraduate students and graduate students by application; interested students should fill out this application form by Sunday, November 26th.

This course satisfies the Advanced Design requirement for the Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation. This course cannot be used to complete any course or unit requirement for College of Engineering undergraduates.